George T. Stagg built the most dominant American distillery of the 19th century, during a time known as the Gilded Age of Bourbon. Uncut and unfiltered, this robust rye whiskey ages for nearly a decade and boasts the bold character that is reminiscent of the man himself.


The famed Sazerac Coffee House was founded in 1850 on Exchange Alley in New Orleans, Louisiana and soon gained fame as the home of “America’s First Cocktail” known as the Sazerac. Using rye whiskey in place of the French brandy, a dash of Peychaud Bitters, and Herbsaint, what eventually became the official cocktail of New Orleans was created.  This straight rye has a mellow spice and dry sweetness that dances on the tongue, giving pure delight that is worthy of the Sazerac name.



Very mature, with notes of oak, leather molasses and all-spice. The long, warm finish is preceded by notes of mint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, vanilla, and lingering pepper.


F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal - December 2014  rating: 

5 Stars/Highest Recommendation - "Hits the ball out of the park....again." - F. Paul Pacult

Whisky Advocate rating: 95

"This is an amazing, truly unique whiskey. There is no rye whiskey on the market that is as old or perfectly balanced as this one. For all who can't get enough flavors and intensity in your whiskey, your search has ended " -Whisky Advocate



Most recent awards:

"3 Stars - Recommended" - F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal, December 2018

2019 Best Rye, 11 Years and Over - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible

2018 Best Rye, 11 Years and Over - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible

"4 Stars - Highly Recommended" - F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal, December 2016

2016 Best Rye Whiskey, 11 Years & Over - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible

2015 Third Finest Whisky in the World - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible

2014 - 21st Annual Whisky Advocate Award: American Whiskey of the Year

2014 Gold Medal, American Rye Whiskey 8 Years and Over - World Whiskies Awards

2012 #4 of The Ten Highest Rated Whiskies - Whisky Advocate Magazine Winter

2012 Liquid Gold Award - 95 points - Jim Murray's 2013 Whisky Bible

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