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2023 News

Buffalo Trace Distillery News

The oldest continuously operating distillery in America also happens to have one of the largest families of homegrown brands in any industry. Read on to learn why we're the World’s Most Award Winning Distillery!

September 20

Buffalo Trace Distillery Announces Buffalo Trace Distillery London - The Distillery’s First Brand Home Outside of the USA

World’s Most Award-Winning Distillery to bring authentic American whiskey tasting and retail experience to the heart of Covent Garden in London.

June 15

Buffalo Trace Distillery And UK Healthcare Partner To Form Fathers Of Frankfort Mentorship Program

Program will focus on increased parental engagement and supporting the bond between father and child to ensure that it only gets better with age

June 6

Buffalo Trace Distillery Announces Daniel Weller: An Experimental Line of Wheated Bourbons Honoring An American Whiskey Forefather

The world’s most award-winning distillery showcases its commitment to innovation by experimenting with different wheats, launching with Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat

April 28

Buffalo Trace Distillery Announces Peated Bourbon As Its Latest Experimental Collection Bottling

The world’s most award-winning distillery releases an innovative Kentucky straight bourbon made with smoked peated malt

April 18

Buffalo Trace Distillery Continues To Push The Boundaries Of Whiskey Exploration With Latest Expression In Old Charter Oak Series, Spanish Oak

Latest product in evolving whiskey collection introduces oak long used to make the finest sherries to the world of premium bourbon

Feb 9

Buffalo Trace Distillery Dedicates New Stillhouse and Unveils Expanded Tours

New Still will Double Whiskey Production and be part of Hard Hat Tour

Jan 18

Buffalo Trace Distillery Asks 8 Million Americans to Run for the Bourbon Experience of a Lifetime

Distillery honors fans with chance to stock their bars with rare bottles and stay at secluded Stagg Lodge