Silhouette of a Buffalo

Beau Beckman Biography

Born into one of America’s preeminent bourbon families, Beau Taylor Beckman practically has bourbon in his blood. Beau is the sixth generation descendant of Col. Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr., celebrated as the “father of the modern bourbon industry” and former owner of the Kentucky distillery known today as Buffalo Trace.

Beau grew up fascinated by family stories of the great E. H. Taylor, Jr. and aspired to join the bourbon industry. Today at Buffalo Trace Distillery, Beau helps customers from around the world select their very own barrels of bourbon. As Barrel Select Manager he orchestrates the experience entirely as distillery ambassador, barrel custodian, and hand-bottling steward.

In some respects, Beau has followed in Col. E. H. Taylor, Jr.’s footsteps, and ensures every barrel customer visiting Buffalo Trace has an experience “of upmost class.”

Beau plays host to everyone from bartenders, liquor store owners, celebrities and newly-minted millionaires, ensuring every VIP experiences the nuances and subtle taste differences found in each bourbon barrel.

Beau is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing.