Whiskey Flavored Seasoning 3-pack (Buffalo Trace, Southern Comfort, Fireball) 3.5oz


Whiskey Flavored Seasoning 3-pack (Buffalo Trace, Southern Comfort, Fireball) 3.5oz


Product Description

Savor the Spirit of Distinct Whiskey Flavors in Every Meal with the Exclusive 3-Pack Whiskey Flavored Weber Seasoning Collection!

1. Buffalo Trace™️ Whiskey Flavored Weber Seasoning Experience the essence of the legendary Buffalo Trace in your kitchen with this unique seasoning. Inspired by the sweet fruit flavor and rich caramel notes of the renowned Buffalo Trace whiskey, this seasoning offers a smooth, savory twist to your culinary creations. Perfect for a wide range of dishes, from succulent meats to delightful sides and even sumptuous desserts. Fire up your grill and impress your friends with the award-winning spirit's flavor, transforming your meals into gourmet experiences.

2. Southern Comfort™️ Whiskey Flavored Weber Seasoning Bring the laid-back Southern charm to your dining table with this exquisite seasoning. A harmonious blend of stone fruit flavors, warm spices, and a hint of garlic encapsulates the smooth, comforting vibe of Southern Comfort whiskey. This versatile seasoning is a culinary delight on chicken, vegetables, potatoes, and more, adding a touch of Southern elegance to every dish.

3. Fireball™️ Whiskey Flavored Weber Seasoning Embrace the fiery boldness of Fireball in your cooking with this exhilarating seasoning. Capturing the sweet cinnamon heat of Fireball whiskey, it's the perfect ingredient to spice up your Fall tailgate parties. Ideal for wings, ribs, pasta salads, and even desserts, this seasoning is sure to ignite your palate and bring an adventurous twist to your favorite recipes.

Perfect for Every Occasion Whether you're hosting a barbecue, a family dinner, or a special gathering, this 3-pack seasoning collection is your go-to choice for adding a unique whiskey twist to your meals. Elevate your cooking with the distinct flavors of Buffalo Trace, Southern Comfort, and Fireball, all in one exclusive package.

A Must-Have for Whiskey Enthusiasts and Culinary Adventurers Crafted in collaboration with Weber, this limited-edition seasoning collection is a testament to quality and flavor. Ideal for gifting or adding to your spice collection, it's a unique fusion of the world of whiskey and culinary excellence.

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1. Buffalo Trace: Turbinado Sugar, Salt, Dried Garlic, Spices, Dried Onion, Soy Sauce Solids (Soybeans, Salt, Sugar), Rice Hulls, Natural Flavors, Bourbon, Caramel, Molasses.
*Allergy Information: Contains Soy

2. Southern Comfort: Salt, Dried Garlic, Brown Sugar, Spices, Rice Hulls, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Orange Oil, Whiskey.

3. Fireball: Sugar, Honey Powder (Sugar, Honey), Salt, Dried Garlic, Spices, Cinnamon, Dried Onion, Rice Hulls, Dried Cayenne Pepper, Natural Flavors, Extractives Of Paprika (Color), Whiskey.